In 2017, the new luxury business mobile phone has a 4G+64G 5.0 inch screen of high-end smartphones with 4G mobile phone

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What are the advantages of this phone?
Advantages: 1. Dual-card double card dual card dual card system with 4G fingerprint smartphone; Pre-fingerprint identification is more intelligent and safer;
2. Full network access to 4G network is fully compatible with the three carriers, 4G running memory, 64G fuselage storage,
3. Rear 16 million cameras, the first 8 million cameras,
4. 5000 Mach batteries,
5.5.5 inch IPS hd screen,
60.3 second rapid fingerprint identification, encryption security chip

Brand: ThL
Model: luxury M2017
Cell phone type: triple cell phone
Appearance: straight
Screen size: large screen (5.0-5.9 inches)
Network mode: mobile 4G (td-lte), unicom/telecom 4G (fdd-lte)
Operating system: ANDROID
Battery capacity:
4000mah above camera: 12 million -1999
The memory card supports the memory card
Processor core: 8
Memory running memory: 4GB
Mobile version: mainland goods
Time to market: 2017 (year)
OEM: we can OEM
Gift application: birthday, reward, reward, wedding, business gift, advertising, anniversary celebration, public relations planning, festival, employee benefits, relocation
3C certificate no. : 2017011606948361
CPU brand: mediatek
Network mode: double card multimode
Internal storage: 64GB
Color: tuhao gold, black gun color, coffee color